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Aspects and Applications of the Random Walk

Despite the obvious importance of random walks in these and other applications there are few books devoted to the subject. This is therefore a timely introduction to the subject which will be welcomed by students and more senior researchers who have had no prior contact with the field. The author has focussed on simpler aspects of the subject, focussing mainly on Markovian models, or models closely related to a Markovian formulation. Such models are exemplified by the continuous-time random walk which has both Markovian and non-Markovian aspects. Considerable emphasis has been placed on asymptotic properties of random walks because their universal properties are the ones that permit such a wide range of applications of the mathematical formalism. Attention is also given to an introductory account of Abelian and Tauberian theorems.

Weiss, G. H.
Physics, Modeling, Mathematics