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December update, and the End of 2017

27 Dec 2017

2018 Course Schedule

Many of you will be wondering what's coming in 2018 - we're happy to announce that all of our courses will be re-offered, and that Algorithmic Information Dynamics will launch.  At the same time, we'll be working hard to develop lots of completely brand new courses that will launch for the ASU-SFI Master's Degree in Complexity and then be released as free MOOCs here on Complexity Explorer.  The dates below are subject to some change, hopefully minimal.

Fractals and Scaling: Feb 19 - April 16

Introduction to Complexity: April 09, 2018 - June 30 2018

Algorithmic Information Dynamics of Complex Networks: April 16 - June 11

Agent-based Modeling: June 2018 - August 2018

Introduction to Dynamical Systems and Chaos: Late 2018

Nonlinear Dynamics: Late 2018

New Green Chile Science: Microbes, Economies and Extinctions

Dr. Eric Libby exposes the similarities between microbial colonies and human economies. While he can't take the heat, he can help us understand why multicellular life evolved, and why species that are too selfish doom themselves to extinction. Listen to this and other Green Chile Science podcast episodes here. 

Holiday Drive and 2017 Fundraising Goals

With a few days left to 2017, we are 85% of the way to reaching our 2017 goal for user contributions - thanks to you all for the most responsive holiday drive we've ever had! You still have time to help carry us to our goal.  Just head over to our donation page and be in to win some of our new gear, too! Read more about our funding plans and the drive here. 

This Month in Subtitles

Our student body has done so much for Complexity Explorer this month that it's hard to believe we got any subtitles done at all! Despite holidays, end of year work and other seasonal distractors, our subtitle team has managed a strong 105 minutes of work for the month of November. A majority of these subtitles were added to our two fall courses, Nonlinear Dynamics and Dynamical Systems and Chaos, which supports our understanding of subtitles as an excellent way to take notes during a course. Our top subtitler for November was Nikita Sidorov, subtitling a strong 37 minutes of content. A hair's breadth behind is user Diego Diaz with 36 minutes. Mujun Chen, recent t-shirt winner, comes in third with 18 minutes. Thank you to you, our student subtitling team, and may fortune favor you in the race to be 2018's top subtitler. 

Farewell from Gabrielle Beans

As I move on to new projects, I wanted to take a moment to thank all of Complexity Explorer's thousands of users for creating and sustaining such a rewarding work environment.  I've loved helping to bring you more complexity science and improving your online education experience here.  It's been a hugely creative, challenging and inspiring tenure for me! I will continue to help run the Complexity Challenges remotely, but leave you in the capable hands of Julia Heusinkveld and Paul Hooper.  I'm off to new adventures in Umeå, Sweden! As a last farewell, I'll be featured in one of the upcoming Complexicon Bits related to my own past research - Genetic Drift.  I hope you enjoy it when it debuts! 

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