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2018: Fractals and Scaling, Plus Two New Tutorials

23 Jan 2018


     A new year brings new content and some big goals for engagement and growth of our Complexity Community. Read on to see what you can learn, and how we can grow together. 


Fractals and Scaling, Dr. David Feldman’s course boasting both visual and intellectual appeal, is now open for enrollment. The course teems with practical applications like urban and metabolic scaling, and covers well-explained mathematical concepts like logarithms, power laws and dimensions. We here at Complexity Explorer HQ love this course, but don’t take it from us - here’s a student from 2017’s session: 

           “David Feldman was very good at designing and crafting the Fractals and Scaling online course. His presentations were clear, with adequate slide support, and good summaries that tied together the major points. He obviously cares that students understand the material. And I liked those portions of the course where he offered his opinions about some theory or research, identifying positive aspects as well as cautionary considerations.”

Enroll now for a great start to 2018! 



We’re not exactly ‘mystical’ people around here, but this January, we approach an auspicious confluence - we’re at 4,900 Facebook Followers9,500 Twitter Followers, and 39,750 total Complexity Explorer Users, which means we’re up to 95%  of three nice, big round numbers. Can we get to 5,000 on Facebook, 10,000 on Twitter and 40,000 total users this month? 

Of course we can! And you can help us, too, by doing any of the following things:

-Like and Follow us on Facebook,

-Follow us on Twitter

-Retweet us, share our posts, use our in-course sharing tools to let your friends know when you’re taking a course,

-Let your networks know you love our site,

And generally spread the good word! Let’s make our community bigger and better, and spread complexity science to everyone! 



To great fanfare, we’re proud to release two fantastic new tutorials this January and February! First up was Fundamentals of Machine Learning, a no-math introduction to how machine learning actually works. Watch as Drs. Artemy Kolchinsky and Brendan Tracey make better sense of the most talked-about technological development of this decade. Read their interview here

Next is Introduction to Computation TheoryDr. Joshua Grochow’s long awaited primer on the subject. Dr. Grochow travels from Turing’s basic principles to the far end of computation, showing what makes for an NP-hard problem. Read his thoughts on the tutorial here




As useful as a battery-powered drill, as cosmopolitan as the UN, and as dramatic as a horse race, our subtitle team closed out December 2017 with a robust 219 minutes of subtitles created! Last month’s leaders, Diego Diaz and Nikita Sid show up this month with 11 minutes of Spanish and 40 minutes of Russian translations, respectively. However, they’re blown out of the water by newcomer Hazm Talab with a stunning 164 minutes’ worth of subtitles in Arabic for Dynamical Systems and Chaos. Stunning!

Want to join the race? Want to spread the love and get the glory? Join the subtitle team here




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